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2005: Blogged : Dispatches from the Blogosphere

by Tim Worstall

  • Paperback: 266pages

  • Publisher: Friday Project

The general election, Charles and Camilla's wedding, the death of the Pope, the Michael Jackson trial, the hunting bill, G8, Live8, the identity card debate, the Downing Street memo, the Olympic bid a... More ›

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American Jihad : The Terrorists Living Among Us

by Steven Emerson

  • Paperback: 304pages

  • Publisher: Free Press

Leading the second wave of post 9/11 terrorist books, American Jihad reveals that America is rampant with Islamic terrorist networks and sleeper cells and Emerson, the expert on them, explains just ho... More ›

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Between Integration and Intervention

by Vasile Rotaru

  • Hardcover: 251pages

  • Publisher: Military Publishing House

The years 2013-2015 brought Ukraine to worldwide attention. The popular uprising against President Yanukovych’s decision to not sign an Association Agreement with the EU, the subsequent change of powe... More ›

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Contested Visions in the Spanish Colonial World

by Ilona Katzew

  • Hardcover: 319pages

  • Publisher: Los Angeles County Museum

An absorbing discussion of the myriad depictions of the indigenous people of Mexico and Peru in colonial times More ›

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Deliver Us from Evil : Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism

by Sean Hannity

  • Paperback: 368pages

  • Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

The conservative commentator and best-selling author of Let Freedom Ring offers a hard-hitting reflection on the evils of modern life, from the moral degradation of American society and the dangers of... More ›

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by Alan Wertheimer

  • Paperback: 336pages

  • Publisher: Princeton Univ Pr

What is the basis for arguing that a volunteer army exploits citizens who lack civilian career opportunities? How do we determine that a doctor who has sex with his patients is exploiting them? In thi... More ›

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Fields of Blood : Religion and the History of Violence

by Karen Armstrong

  • Paperback: 518pages

  • Publisher: Random House

It is the most persistent myth of our time: religion is the cause of all violence. But history suggests otherwise. Karen Armstrong, former Roman Catholic nun and one of our foremost scholars of religi... More ›

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Flamurile negre: ascensiunea ISIS

by Joby Warrick , Radu Sorop

  • Paperback: 432pages

  • Publisher: Black Button Books

Câştigătoare a premiului Pulitzer 2016 pentru nonfiction, Flamurile Negre: ascensiunea ISIS a fost considerată cea mai bună carte a anului 2015 de către The New York Times, The Washington Post, People... More ›

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Fringe : seeing it, doing it, surviving it - a complete guide to the Edinburgh Fringe

by James Aylett , Jim Lark

  • Paperback: 263pages

  • Publisher: Friday Project

Every year millions of arts-lovers descend on Edinburgh for the worlds largest festival of theatre, comedy, music, dance and human statue-ing. Fringe is the complete guide to the Fringe; aimed at both... More ›

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Guattari Reframed : Interpreting Key Thinkers for the Arts

by Paul Elliott

  • Paperback: 160pages

  • Publisher: I B Tauris

Guattari Reframed presents a timely and urgent rehabilitation of one of the twentieth century's most engaged and engaging cultural philosophers. Best known as an activist and practicing psychiatrist, ... More ›

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Independence : An Argument for Home Rule

by Alasdair Gray

  • Alasdair Gray: 128pages

  • Publisher: Canongate Books Limited

A polemic on the case for Scottish independence by the writer, artist, thinker, and cultural icon, Alasdair Gray Gray argues that a truly independent Scotland will only ever exist when people in every... More ›

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Islam, Science, and the Challenge of History

by Ahmad Dallal

  • Paperback: 239pages

  • Publisher: Yale University Press

In this wide-ranging and masterful work, Ahmad Dallal examines the significance of scientific knowledge and situates the culture of science in relation to other cultural forces in Muslim societies. He... More ›