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ISBN-13: 9780007931507

Publishing year: 2013

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The Element Encyclopedia of the Celts

Category: Religion & Spirituality

The Element Encyclopedia of the Celts

by Rodney Castleden

  • Paperback: 543pages

  • Publisher: Harper Element


The latest title in the much-loved Element Encyclopedia series, The Element Encyclopedia of Celts explores the history, culture, and mythology of these great peoples.

A comprehensive guide of Celtic history and culture, The Element Encyclopedia of the Celts tells the stories of these grand peoples and their way of life, including their heroic gods and goddesses, incredible myths and legends, and their everyday lives through their language, customs, and society. Encompassing their iron-age beginnings, European colonization, the various strands of ���Celticness��� (race, politics, and culture), as well as the Celtic Tiger of today, this encyclopedia gets to the very heart of Celtic origin and meaning, as well as delving into the cultural and mythical background that draws so many to claim their Celtic roots today.

��� The Celtic People and Their Way of Life
��� Celtic Places
��� Celtic Religion
��� Myths, Legends, and Stories
��� Symbols, Ideas, and Archetypes
��� Celtic Twilight and Revival

Accompanied by illustrations and maps, which show the spread of Celts across the globe, as well as the symbols of Celtic mythology and religion

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