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Language: en

ISBN-10: 1532971214

ISBN-13: 9781532971211

Publishing year: 2016

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Loving an Alien

Category: Nonfiction

Loving an Alien

by Angela Nicoara , Mike Ormsby

  • Paperback: 442pages

  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


Fancy a ride on the love train? Here���s a book for your trip!

���Loving an Alien��� is a riveting collection of intimate interviews with brave women who crossed the cultural divide and loved to tell the tale. Vive la diff��rence! Here���s how it all started���

In 1995, when young Romanian journalist Angela Nicoara applied to the BBC School in Bucharest, it changed her life in ways she could never have imagined. Raised in the closed society of communist Romania and stung by a recent divorce, she doubted her chances for a better future. But then she met some British guy, in a gloomy corridor, and everything changed.

���There was a power cut at BBC School. It was so dark I could hardly see him. We chatted for a few minutes, sharing a joke about the excellent conditions, and I had a feeling I���d never experienced before, as if I���d known him all my life. Why?���

Turns out, Cupid had just fired a couple of arrows that landed bang on target. Angela and her Brit spent the next twenty years traveling and working around the world - with a brief stop in Las Vegas to get married - and are now settled in a tiny village in the mountains of Transylvania, with bears for neighbors.

And that���s where Angela got the idea for ���Loving an Alien������

���One winter���s night, by our log fire, I started thinking about my girlfriends around the world, many of whom had married a foreigner. Their lives were so similar, and yet so different to my own. Hmm, why not share our experiences? What if I go back to how it all started for me? Put my journalist hat on and interview them? Ask about life on Planet Love - what might they say?���

If you���re into global travel, romance, life lessons, the do���s and don���ts of an intimate relationship, how to manage your in-laws, how to finesse your outlaws, how to raise rootless, bi-lingual, ���third culture��� kids, then snuggle up with ���Loving an Alien���.

In a remarkably candid series of Q&A���s with twenty-seven women of different nationalities, Angela reveals what makes a mixed marriage tick ��� and how to keep the love clock running.

���My college friends thought I was stupid, crazy, and throwing away a bright future.��� Jennifer

���Some girls think marrying an expat is the road to riches, but that���s not true.��� Sumi

���I never thought I���d be with an African, someone so different, from this tiny village.��� Sophie

���It wasn���t like I came to Sri Lanka to marry a Sri Lankan. It just happened.��� Jessica

���Marrying into a different culture means you are not trapped by your own, which is how I felt.��� Wang

Angela Nicoara doesn't just spill the beans, she gets the recipe. It���s not memoir. It���s not fiction. It���s love, visas and all. Long-distance. Long term. Join Angela on a journey to the heart of it!

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