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Art Since 1900: Modernism · Antimodernism · Postmodernism

by Hal Foster , Rosalind Krauss

  • Hardcover: 896pages

  • Publisher: Thames&Hudson

Groundbreaking in both its content and its presentation, Art Since 1900 has been hailed as a landmark study in the history of art. Conceived by some of the most influential art historians of our time,... More ›

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Blue Note : Uncompromising Expression - 75 Years of the Finest in Jazz

by Richard Havers

  • Hardcover: 400pages

  • Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Purveyor of extraordinary music and an arbiter of cool, Blue Note is the definitive jazz label--signing the best artists, pioneering the best recording techniques, and lead cover design trends with pu... More ›

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Brâncuși. O viață veșnică

by Alexandra Croitoru

  • Paperback: 260pages

  • Publisher: Salonul de proiecte, IDEA Design & Print

Cercetarea Alexandrei Croitoru reflectă o impresionantă investigație specifică studiilor culturale, în care elementul central îl constituie construirea socială a „mitului” lui Brâncuși, precum și proc... More ›

Price: LEI 79

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Despre papusi si oameni/Of Puppets and Humans

by Ciprian Muresan

  • Paperback: 272pages

  • Publisher: Pepluspatru

Publicată într-un tiraj limitat, această carte este parte a unui program editorial dedicat exclusiv publicaţiilor de artă, cu un focus aparte asupra unor zone de metisaj între practica artistică, cerc... More ›

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Footnotes from the World's Greatest Bookstores : True Tales and Lost Moments from Book Buyers, Booksellers, and Book Lovers

by Bob Eckstein , Garrison Keillor

  • Hardcover: 176pages

  • Publisher: Clarkson Potter Publishers

From beloved"New Yorker"cartoonist Bob Eckstein, "Footnotes from the World s Greatest Bookstores"invites you into the heart and soul of every community: the local bookshop, each with its own quirks, c... More ›

Price: LEI 114

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Garana Jazz Festival 20th Anniversary Edition

by Horaţiu Şovăială , Mihai Şovăială

  • Paperback: 224pages

  • Publisher: MONO Cultural Association & Jazz Banat Cultural Foundation

Two photographers experience their first edition of Gărâna Jazz Festival and greedily capture all its details. From humans to animals, from sky to earth, from masters to disciples, from sound to ligh... More ›

Price: LEI 135

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I Can Give You Anything But Love

by Gary Indiana

  • Hardcover: 240pages

  • Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications

The long-awaited memoir from one of the most acclaimed radical writers in American literature. Described by the London Review of Books as one of “the most brilliant critics writing in America today,”... More ›

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Price: LEI 169

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by Cornel Brad

  • Hardcover: 173pages

  • Publisher: Igloo Profile

„Interludii” este un album de fotografie ce include aproximativ 70 de portrete care înfățișează soliști, dirijori și dansatori care au participat în cadrul Festivalului Enescu 2013 și multe alte imagi... More ›

Price: LEI 99

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by Simon Henwood

  • Hardcover: 47pages

  • Publisher: Fabrik

Simon's characters are ordinary people, that is to say non-professional models, people that you and I may cross on any given day on any street without casting a second glance. Yet presented on canvas ... More ›

Price: LEI 59

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Life Begins on Friday

by Ioana Parvulescu

  • Paperback: 280pages

  • Publisher: Istros Books

A young man is found lying unconscious on the outskirts of Bucharest. No one knows who he is, and everyone has a different theory about how he got there. The stories of the various characters unfold, ... More ›

Price: LEI 155

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Louis Armstrong, Master of Modernism

by Thomas Brothers

  • Hardcover: 594pages

  • Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

Picking up where Louis Armstrong's New Orleans left off, this biographical account of the legendary jazz trumpet virtuoso highlights the historical role Armstrong played in the creation of modern musi... More ›

Price: LEI 45

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Loving an Alien

by Angela Nicoara , Mike Ormsby

  • Paperback: 442pages

  • Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Fancy a ride on the love train? Here���s a book for your trip!

���Loving an Alien��� is a riveting collection of intimate interviews with brave women who crossed the cultural divide and lov... More ›