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"Guided by Voices" "Bee Thousand" (33 1/3)

by Marc Woodworth

  • Paperback: 160pages

  • Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group

An in-depth analysis of the most infamous lo-fi album of the 90s. More ›

Price: LEI 35

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"Sly and the Family Stone's" "There's a Riot Goin' On" (33 1/3)

by Miles Marshall Lewis

  • Paperback: 132pages

  • Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group

Sly Stone began recording There's a Riot Goin' On in late 1970 as a follow-up to the commercially successful Stand!. In this brisk, inventive book, Miles Marshall Lewis chronicles Sly's descent into a... More ›

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360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story

by Sean Wilentz

  • Hardcover: 336pages

  • Publisher: Chronicle Books

For 125 years, Columbia Records has remained one of the most vibrant and storied names in prerecorded sound, nurturing the careers of legends such as Bessie Smith, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Mil... More ›

Price: LEI 129

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A Woman at War: Marlene Dietrich Remembered

by J. David Riva , Guy Stern

  • Hardcover: 175pages

  • Publisher: Wayne State University Press

Marlene Dietrich's conflicted personal journey from Berliner to American soldier during World War II is as intense as any role she played on-screen and perhaps accounts for her ability to inspire so m... More ›

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Amores perros

by Paul Julian Smith

  • Paperback: 95pages

  • Publisher: British Film Institute

"Amore Perros" (2000), directed by first-time filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarittu, with its intersecting storylines and treatment of urban violence and decay, kick-started a renaissance for Mexico's... More ›

Price: LEI 44

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And Why Not? : Memoirs of a Film Lover

by Barry Norman

  • Paperback: 352pages

  • Publisher: Pocket Books

'For more than thirty years, Barry Norman established himself as the authority on cinema and has become the funniest, most iconoclastic and astute film reviewer we have. He fronted the seminal BBC fil... More ›

Price: LEI 55

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Art school confidential : a screenplay

by Daniel Clowes

  • Paperback: 181pages

  • Publisher: Fantagraphics

Presents the screenplay of the motion picture that depicts the story of a young and talented painter looking for recognition and finding chaos at a small art school. More ›

Price: LEI 105

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Australian national cinema

by Tom O'Regan

  • Paperback: 405pages

  • Publisher: Routledge

Since 1970 Australian film has enjoyed a revival. This book contains detailed critiques of the key films of this period and uses them to illustrate the recent theories on the international and the loc... More ›

Price: LEI 55

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Best Music Writing 2009

by Greil Marcus , Daphne Carr

  • Paperback: 384pages

  • Publisher: Da Capo Press

A latest release of a top-rated annual features the insights of a forefront critic guest editor and collects an extensive array of essays, articles, fiction, and other pieces on music and its related ... More ›

Price: LEI 44

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Bette Davis (Great Stars)

by David Thomson

  • Paperback: 128pages

  • Publisher: Allen Lane

She could look demure while behaving like an empress. Blonde, with eyes like pearls too big for her head, she was very striking, but marginally pretty and certainly not beautiful But it was her edge t... More ›

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Billie Piper : Growing Pains

by Billie Piper

  • Paperback: 384pages

  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

This is an astonishingly candid insight into the world of Billie Piper. Famous since the age of 15 ndash; first as the face of Smash Hits, then as a pop singer with three No.1 hits in less than three ... More ›

Price: LEI 285

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Blue Note : Uncompromising Expression - 75 Years of the Finest in Jazz

by Richard Havers

  • Hardcover: 400pages

  • Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Purveyor of extraordinary music and an arbiter of cool, Blue Note is the definitive jazz label--signing the best artists, pioneering the best recording techniques, and lead cover design trends with pu... More ›