How do I order?

For you to be able to use all features of our website, you must create an account. To create an account you must access create an account (please pay attention to the filled in information, required information is marked with *). You can sign in by filling in your e-mail and password, on the left side of the page.
You don't need to sign in to browse the website or view the books, but you will need to, should you want to place an order. The account you create will remember your personal details, so for the next order you won't need to fill in all the fields of the order form, unless you change this information.

To order online, you must first add the book you want, to your cart, clicking Add to cart, found next to every item, then from “My cart” fill in the order form.
After having placed the order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the details concerning the order and delivery, as well as payment options.
We also accept orders by mail, but we recommend you use the shopping cart in the online bookshop.

While browsing the website, should you wish to order a book, click Add to cart and it will be automatically added to your list. You can change the number of copies you wish to purchase, or delete an item from the cart, at any given moment.
When you have finished selecting the books, click My cart. Here you will see the content of the cart, the amount to be paid, and you can remove a certain item or modify the number of items in the cart.

Next, you select Proceed to checkout and go to the next step, where you fill in the delivery information. Here you can choose the address for the package to be dispatched to and the payment method. After having filled in the required information, click Proceed to checkout and move to the final step. Here you are able to check the filled in information and see your cart. During this same step, you will receive information about the transport fees, depending on the delivery method you chose.
Should you see any faults, you can go back to the previous steps by clicking Delivery information or See/change cart.

If the information in correct, Checkout, and your order will be forwarded to the bookshop. You will shortly receive a confirmation e-mail. You can constantly check your order's status (processing/sent), by clicking Order History in your cart.
Should you chose to pay by card, after the third step you will be directed to a secure website, where the information concerning your account will be processed under maximum safety.
Please pay maximum attention to the information you fill in, as it absolutely necessary for the bank to make the transaction.

Reserving a book

For books that are no longer available in the bookshop, you can be notified should they become available. In order to reserve a book, please send an email on our contact address.

Return policies

According to the Romanian law, the buyer has the right to unilaterally renounce the contract within 10 days, and within 30 days from the written notification (document signed by the buyer and sent electronically or by recorded delivery post) receive the price of the contract, conditioned by the return of the package in the original wrapping, and only if it has not been damaged. The expenses for the goods' return fall under the buyer's responsibility.

Items that do not match the descriptions on the website can be returned or changed, with the agreement of both parties. Should the replaced item have a lower price then the newly purchased item, the difference of price will be paid by the buyer.