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Language: en

ISBN-10: 0007275331

ISBN-13: 9780007275335

Publishing year: 2008

Endless Night

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Endless Night

by François Rivière , Agatha Christie , Frank Leclercq

  • Hardcover: 44pages

  • Publisher: HarperCollins UK


Gipsy's Acre is a truly beautiful place. In fact, it is the perfect location to build the house of your dreams - so long as you don't believe in ancient curses. Michael and Ellie don't. They are young, rich and far too happy to be put off by an old woman's warnings. Even when accidents start to happen...Written in 1967 towards the end of her career, this claustrophobic thriller was a remarkable achievement for Agatha Christie, proving that she could still shock and surprise modern audiences after nearly 50 years writing books. Described by the Sunday Times as "One of the best things Agatha Christie has ever done", it has been adapted by François Rivière and given an authentic Sixties' look by artist Frank Leclercq.Famed for her crime masterpieces, Agatha Christie's books have become the best-selling in the world, appealing to readers young and old for their ingenious plots and immediately recognizable characters. The stories have also transcended the printed page, become bestselling audiobooks and award-winning films, plays and television series. Now words and pictures combine in an exciting new way of telling these stories - full-colour graphic novels which enhance the original stories and offer a completely new way of enjoying some of the world's most popular and exciting mysteries.

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