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Encore : finding work that matters in the second half of life

by Marc Freedman

  • Paperback: 255pages

  • Publisher: Public Affairs

Describes how baby boomers are viewing retirement age as a means to pursue new and meaningful careers. More ›

Price: LEI 90

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Eye for an Eye

by William Ian Miller

  • Hardcover: 266pages

  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press

  • Product Dimensions: 23.3 x 16.1 x 2.3 cm

This book is a historical and philosophical meditation on paying back and buying back, that is, it is about retaliation and redemption. It takes the law of the talion - eye for an eye, tooth for a too... More ›

Price: LEI 29

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Local Sustainable Development

by Porojan

  • Paperback: 259pages

  • Publisher: Irecson

Sustainable development can be achieved only in the frame of a sustainable society. In the context of Romania's integration into the Great Society of the European Union, tourism activity should be dev... More ›

Price: LEI 55

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Money : Everything You Never Knew About Your Favorite Thing to Find, Save, Spend & Covet

by Sandra Choron , Harry Choron

  • Paperback: 336pages

  • Publisher: Chronicle Books Llc

Presents a series of miscellaneous facts, statistics, historical information, and trivia about money, covering such topics as how to detect counterfeit money, the ten most expensive paintings of all t... More ›

Price: LEI 90

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Networked : A Contemporary History of News in Transition

by Adrienne Russell

  • Paperback: 216pages

  • Publisher: Polity Press

Journalism, what happened? In the last decade, the industry and the profession have been rocked to the core. Newspapers as consumer product are as ripe for comic mocking and satire as are the techniqu... More ›

Price: LEI 69

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No logo

by Naomi Klein

  • Paperback: 502pages

  • Publisher: Fourth Estate

'No Logo' was a book that defined a generation, when it was first published in 1999. For it's 10th anniversay Naomi Klein has updated this iconic book.By the time you're twenty-one, you'll have seen o... More ›

Price: LEI 30

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Taking Care of Business

by Andrew Taylor , Bill Krouwel

  • Paperback: 175pages

  • Publisher: RISOPRINT Publishing House

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS offers a new model of business based upon innovation, environmental ethics and human scale that ties together the philosophical and the practical in order to bring about change... More ›

Price: LEI 61

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Unlimited Power a Black Choice

by Anthony Robbins , Joseph McClendon

  • Paperback: 432pages

  • Publisher: Free Press

Presents a motivational program for African Americans to train the mind so they can overcome societal roadblocks to achieve empowerment and the life of their dreams More ›

Price: LEI 59

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You Only Have To Be Right Once: The Rise of the Instant Billionaires Behind Spotify, Airbnb, WhatsApp, and 13 Other Amazing Startups

by Randall Lane , Forbes

  • Publisher: Portfolio Penguin


Silicon Valley's newest billionaires are a unique and unconventional breed of entrepreneur... More ›